What does high maintenance mean

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But this particular label gets used enough to raise my suspicion that it might represent something real. Besides, she might break a nail doing those things. She makes you brush that old french fry off the seat, and pick up the papers off the floorboard before she will get in your car. As a matter of fact, her looking so good makes you look even better especially to other girls. The funny thing is, even after all that, she never really seems happy.

What does high maintenance mean

But, if you are gonna keep her; you are going to have to pay to play. However, there were a few common themes in the majority of descriptions I gathered. As a matter of fact, her looking so good makes you look even better especially to other girls. This has got to be one of the most annoying traits of the high maintenance girl. Note to high maintenance girls: She would rather jump out of a moving car than go camping or spend time in nature. I read a funny post on Experience Project from about this. A one-night trip requires several large pieces of monogrammed luggage. Or, to use a more stereotypically masculine metaphor, a high-maintenance woman is kind of like a motorcycle that constantly requires repairs and adjustments to function right. She squints her nose in disgust if your car is not sparkling clean, inside and out. They want to feel appreciated for the money they earn, without expenses that make them feel inadequate or unable to provide. It might represent a cluster of ideas or beliefs men have about the behavior they see in some women, but not others. This was just a little side project fueled by my personal curiosity, but I have spent years cultivating a deep knowledge base regarding the triggers that make a man really want to be with some women, and not others. There is no way they will do things like take out the trash, pump gas or wash dishes. She gives her hairdresser and plastic surgeon nicer birthday gifts than she gives you. She normally only drinks Fuji Water. There is nothing wrong with wanting a trophy girl on your arm if that is going to make you happy. Their dogs usually become accessories, and they often have little polka-dot bows in their fur, rhinestones on their collar and their doggie toenails polished. So, I would like to point out that even though this post is written with huge generalities, there are exceptions to every rule, as always. They want the freedom to act goofy once in a while rather than walking on eggshells to maintain appearances. She has a tiny foo-foo dog that she carries in her Louis Vuitton bag. She takes two fricken hours to get ready to go to the store. Usually, that requires spending a lot of money on stupid stuff. They are the kind of men who are very particular about what they want, unwilling to morph their life to meet a partner halfway, co-creating something new and beautiful. I mean, normally my dog, my garden if I had one or my beige suede boots might be considered high maintenance, but not a person. She even talks to the little teddy bear in a baby voice as she perfectly positions him in front of your computer. The bottom line is, some men really dig this kind of girl.

What does high maintenance mean

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Secrets About Men: Are You High Maintenance?

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  1. This is a top 12 list that my friend and I put together of ways you can tell that your girl might be high maintenance. Or at least they disagree about what it means.

  2. She even talks to the little teddy bear in a baby voice as she perfectly positions him in front of your computer. Then, when he finally dumps her and starts dating someone normal, he is going to take that insecurity with him into his next relationship.

  3. She always looks good. It seems men have at least one of the following three general concepts of what high-maintenance means:

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