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Lula Janes Bakery is sweet, delicious and has a new menu every day. Schmaltz— Get the large sandwich, you know you want to. The Hippodrome is the best draft house movie theatre in all of Central Texas.

Scruffs waco

This has been one of my most requested posts, so I am really excited to be able to share it with you all. Cheers to your next adventure, Grads. They always have the cutest clothes for every occasion and jewelry to match it. Get there early around 7: You impact this town more than you know, and on behalf of Waco, we thank you. Pay your respects and get the feta fries. Just click this link to watch the video and get the full experience. Shop at Spice Village: The Waco Farmers Market Formally located by the Brazos River, now located in the middle of Downtown in front of city hall is held every Saturday from 9: They have been winning some major Whisky Awards the past few years, so this is a stop you do not want to miss. When Colton and I visited Waco two weeks ago, I was shocked as to how much the city had grown. There is parking all around the area, along the street and majority of all the parking lots downtown are free. After you have shopped your heart out, grab something to eat at one of their awesome food trucks and relax at a picnic table. There is always parking and the entire downtown is not only walkable but is also perfect for a photo op. Discover Our City be the first to know Leave this field empty if you're human: Claim your wacotownwednesday grilled cheese one last time. See you at homecoming. There is also a Waco Transit that will take you to the Silos and wherever else around Waco for free! A local favorite with the best pancakes around! At night, they hold concerts in the back and they are famous for the iced Cow Boy coffee. You could get lost in Spice for hours. Olive Branch is located downtown, right by Spice, and is pretty much the cutest little breakfast and lunch spot in the city. If you are visiting Waco, you have to go to Georges. The Waco Farmers Market: Food Trucks— You know your favorites.

Scruffs waco

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Mars Chocolate North America’s Waco Plant Celebrates 40 Years

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  1. My favorite is the spinach and garlic on wheat! Take advantage of this while you still have the chance.

  2. Downtown Waco is my absolute favorite. The first time I went to the zoo was for a lab and I was shocked as to how nice it was, how big it was, and just how many spectacular animals they had.

  3. There is also a Waco Transit that will take you to the Silos and wherever else around Waco for free!

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