Position for having sex when pregnant

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Revamp your romps with these bump-friendly positions today! The spoon position can be very cozy and intimate. And have fun exploring!

Position for having sex when pregnant

Try standing with your hands against the wall, or having your partner sit on a chair with you sitting on his lap facing away from him. And toward the end, you may just feel too huge, unwieldy and, again, tired. As you get bigger, now might be the time to start exploring positions that work around your belly. In this position, you stand facing a wall with your hubs behind you. Unless your doctor thinks that intercourse could result in bleeding. Otherwise, go for it! Place your hands on the wall, keep your feet slightly apart and bend forward as he enters from behind. However, you may also find that you take longer to orgasm and that you experience some dryness. For instance, you might experience slight spotting now that your cervix has started to soften. Find out how to keep your sex life fun. Make sure, however, that he doesn't enter you too deeply. Your man can kneel or stand as he penetrates, depending on how high the bed is. The best thing about this posture is its versatility. Then have your partner kneel or stand in front of you. He then enters your vagina from behind while both of you are lying on your sides. Sex expert Pepper Schwartz, PhD, offers these suggestions on the best sexual positions during pregnancy: Your bump is teeny-tiny to non-existent right now, so any positions that worked pre-pregnancy are probably still feeling good. Are there any risks associated with certain sex positions? This position, however, does allow him to thrust more deeply, so you'll have to tell him how gentle and slow you want him to be. Will sex be different in your second trimester? This position not only lets you set the pace and depth, but also gives the hubs direct access to your breasts , which are that much more sensitive during pregnancy. Revamp your romps with these bump-friendly positions today! So feel free to stick with most of the pre-pregnancy favorites that still work for you. If hormones and morning sickness are playing havoc with your libido, try to be intimate when you feel well as this time can really go a long way to comfort you and strengthen your bond with your partner. Keep man-on-top sessions short after week The main thing to remember:

Position for having sex when pregnant

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Do Not Try These 6 Sex Positions while Pregnant

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  1. If you are dry, use a water- or silicone-based lubricant without any added colourants or flavourants as they can cause yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. That said, there are a few things to consider to avoid putting you or your baby at risk:

  2. In which case, any nookie is off the table until you get the greenlight! You and your husband lie side by side, facing each other.

  3. Alternatively try crouching on your hands and knees as he enters from behind. Having your partner enter you from behind means he can bypass your belly altogether.

  4. Sex during pregnancy is usually safe. Lie down with your man behind you and let him do all the work.

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