Meetup groups perth

Our main motivation was to share our learnings and practical coding tips with everyone else and so the weekly Thursday meetup was created. We wish Perth Machine Learning Group all the best in their future endeavours and look forward to seeing what the motivated group achieves. Not for a data scientist!

Meetup groups perth

You will get a signed url. Some future projects we would like to achieve are: I started out as an exploration geologist working on drilling rigs and geophysical surveys in remote areas, before moving on to work at mine sites for various commodities around Australia. The women in ML event is aimed at women to specifically get them past the early hurdles, and to show them that it's not too hard, and that there exists a huge peer group of successful women in ML to learn with. I believe that PMLG can be a way to build up a talent pool of practical machine learning coders to solve local industry challenges. The Challenge with manual approach Let us say, you want to find out and join some of the best meetups in your area. We have been running a few meetups across India for last few months and wanted to see what some of best meetups across the globe are doing. How did you first become interested in machine learning? Do you prefer to understand by programming? Simple and consistent geocoding library written in Python. Our main motivation was to share our learnings and practical coding tips with everyone else and so the weekly Thursday meetup was created. We recently caught up with the co-founders to find out more about their adventures in machine learning. Find underlying trends in html using regular expressions to pull the required data. Are there any other projects on the horizon for Perth Machine Learning Group? Crawl the web pages using a combination of libraries like BeautifulSoup and Scrapy. The first method mentioned above is susceptible to layout changes on a page and can get very messy at times. I had applied it in a few small projects but the literature was vast. CORE is now providing us the use of space and even a few events. Give it a try at your end and share your knowledge in the comment section below. To express your interest in PMLG, join the meetup group: The reason we are doing this is that we found that our group had a big gender bias, and we believe that it is because of a barrier to entry that exists in setting up and getting started. Western Power have generously sponsored our group and our space. August 19, Introduction Data Scientists are a breed of lazy animals! Please introduce yourselves and tell us a little about your background. I have also uploaded it on GitHub.

Meetup groups perth

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  2. I'm John Vial, my latest venture, as VP Robotics at Project is about bringing automotive autonomy to the mining industry through collaboration and joint ventures. You can also add your own layer of analysis to find out some interesting insights.

  3. I think the most important thing is to build a community from which people can start to learn and de-mystify this topic.

  4. Our initiative for the Women in Machine Learning workshop came from several members who commented that there was a lack of women in the group.

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