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Training can usefully centre on safeguarding issues, rehabilitation, self-directed support, personalised budgets, writing care plans and the provision of personal and intimate care. In London, there are over 75 police officers, of all ranks, acting as LGBT liaison officers in each borough. It states that criminalisation, social exclusion, violence and marginalisation of LGBT persons are widespread. As far as education is concerned, the competences of local and regional authorities vary greatly in the Council of Europe member States.

Freiburg gay

Multilevel co-operation fosters an effective exchange of expertise, policy initiatives, good practical examples and materials on LGBT issues, bringing benefits for all stakeholders. Local and regional levels are decisive in combating discrimination and advancing equality and it is the paramount duty of these authorities to positively protect the rights of all citizens. In some cities in Council of Europe member States, however, specialised helplines or community police officers offer support to the LGBT community in cases of violence, harassment or discrimination. The LGBT community cannot always rely on protection by the police, cases of police officers threatening and humiliating LGBT persons, and sometimes even using violence against them, have been reported. Promoting discrimination-free cities The City of Madrid Spain has, since , an agreement with the National Transgender Organisation in order to promote the inclusion of transgender people in the labour market. The rights to life, security of person and human dignity apply to all people, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity. The results of the FRA LGBT survey showed a direct relationship between perceptions of the level of offensive language about LGBT people by politicians and personal feelings of having been discriminated against or harassed on grounds of sexual orientation. The National Transgender Organisation, together with the Madrid Department of Employment published a book about the rights and experiences of transgender people in the labour market. Some cities have included anti-discrimination measures as an integral part of their city marketing strategies with LGBT tourism in mind. Although a fundamental human right, many LGBT people face difficulties in accessing healthcare due to a lack of information on their specific needs and situations. However they are also in a position to influence public opinion because of the large share of media attention they enjoy, many people get information and shape their viewpoints from the media. This may be the result of lack of trust of LGBT people in authorities and a fear of automatically being discriminated against by official associations. The Equality and Human Rights Commission United Kingdom has published a guide for social housing providers such as housing associations and local authorities which explains human rights obligations and encourages appropriate action. The helpline offers assistance to LGBT people, victims of harassment, stalking, physical and verbal violence or any kind of discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Access to LGBT-friendly healthcare services in smaller municipalities and rural areas can be critical. Their basic human rights are violated, including the right to life, the right to physical integrity and the right to health. As far as education is concerned, the competences of local and regional authorities vary greatly in the Council of Europe member States. Recognising this, the Irish Gay and Lesbian Equality Network GLEN is co-operating with Macra na Feirne, an Irish voluntary, rural youth organisation, to improve mental health care for LGBT youth in rural areas in Ireland, in particular through the publication of a booklet promoting positive mental health with information on community and support services for LGBT people. Politicians are powerful driving forces to promote change in society and ensure that the respect for human rights is not only a legal obligation but also a shared value. The report makes policy recommendations to develop a culture of human rights, provide effective human rights protection and to ensure the delivery of discrimination-free policies and services. In light of the above, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities invites local and regional authorities: Public speech is a powerful tool, one that should not be underestimated. Where schools are under local authority control, awareness-raising activities, for both pupils and teachers, can be organised to overcome prejudices and foster positive attitudes. The certificate enables civil partners to enjoy the same rights as married couples with regard to access to municipal services and health care, [24] however these partnership certificates remain local official documents and cannot be used to obtain access to nationally-provided services.

Freiburg gay

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  1. There are numerous reports of violent attacks on LGBT people, with different reactions by public officials.

  2. Knowledge of rights and freedoms is a fundamental tool to guarantee respect for the rights of all citizens. In the FRA LGBT survey, a third of the respondents stated that they had felt personally discriminated against in at least one of the following areas in the 12 months preceding the survey:

  3. Local and regional authorities should ensure that human and social rights, as guaranteed by international legal texts such as the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter, are implemented at their levels also.

  4. Politicians should especially be aware of the effect of their words when it comes to hate speech, proclaiming prejudices or when omitting to distance themselves publicly from violence or discrimination.

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