Buffy fan fiction spike sex

If you happen to little your stories a little steamy, I have a few more "M" rated stories under my belt. Not when you're about to be porno glitter blowing in the wind. Didn't bother him none. Avatar by Mint Witch This is a wishful thinking S7.

Buffy fan fiction spike sex

She squirmed and whimpered in a manner speaking of untold agony. Your review has been posted. She came back over alright, but instead of climbing back into the tub she grabbed the extra rope Giles had found and wrapped it around him about ten times, then tied a huge knot. She began riding him with even more intensity. He had no intent to harm her … only to please her … love her. The idea that time was running out was planted. A few weeks after 'Wrecked,' Spike gets some advice that leads him to change tactics in his dealings with Buffy, with rather poetic results. Spike's eyes widened as he saw straight down her top. Yes, yes, we've all heard it, Slayer. I was inspired to write this. In all honestly, he wished he had thought of it. He could have dodged of course, but he didn't. She was coated in blood, her tattered clothing sticking to her body like scarlet neoprene. It was a break from being the good girl all the time. How do you explain cover-ups, and city hall corruption, and gang violence? Spike eased back in the chair and blinked heavily, his dick starting to get rock hard again. He heard her breathing become heavier and rhythmic. He began moving far more rapidly than before. The long tongue of the bullwhip sailed out, wrapping around Buffy's wrist. Her watcher swiftly ducked down next to the bed so he was eye level with her. The only thing her pain-drenched brain could process was that Spike was taking the agony away. The minion essentially became a slave to the vampire. She raised her hand and waved. Just plain ole Spike-Buffy fun. Spike took the opportunity to pull her even closer, hands wrapped in her hair. His lips curled and he yelled out in disgust, getting up slowly, hiding the hardness in his pants, hands clenching and unclenching. Buffy dropped the leather strap and made a quick grab for the vampire's wrist.

Buffy fan fiction spike sex

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Spike With Invisible Buffy

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  1. Lots of action, lots of snarky descriptions and dialogue, and lots of Spike! Buffy dancing between ribbons of leather that were starting to look scarlet in the moonlight, while call-me-Trixxxie with three Xs was looking none the worse for wear.

  2. Nobody's rolling out the welcome mat Clothes don't really make the man, and the coat doesn't make the vampire.

  3. Spike also discovered that ole Frankie boy had a second set of cuffs as backup. In a cold voice that froze Spike's already unbeating heart Giles delivered a threat.

  4. You just need to shut up so I can read you your rights. The eroticism of doing it in plain sight, yet hidden away

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